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Baltic shipping development trends in maritime spatial planning aspect

Ernest Czermański

The main purpose of the paper is to select, characterize and analyze the most important trends and areas of functioning and development of the Baltic Shipping market, which have a signi cant impact on the process of shaping maritime spatial planning in the Baltic Sea, as evidenced by the several years of the “MSP Directive” No. 2014/89 / EU (Maritime Spatial Planning). These areas are divided into two main groups: external (independent of marine navigation itself) and internal (that is, those that act as an element of navigation, have a signicant impact on its further development). Therefore, for the scienti c purpose of the paper has been stated the main hypothesis of developing Baltic shipping market by increasing the traffic and level of complexity of correlations and internal dependencies. This hypothesis has been evaluated positively by data analysis, logical deduction and induction and inference of analysed processes.

This article is intended to be an element of preparations for the implementation of Maritime Spatial Plans in the Baltic Sea for both, the Polish Maritime Administration, and the international cooperation process in the design of such plans for individual Baltic Sea Region states. The trends and areas presented in this article are of key importance for forecasting the future development of the Baltic Shipping, and accordingly the proper preparation of assumptions for the spatial plans in question.

Keywords: MSP Directive, maritime spatial planning, Baltic shipping, maritime transport, sea ports.