Important deadlines
Submissions: by 30 April 2017
Review: by 31 July 2017

Submission of an article
Articles can be submitted by e-mail to: or by post to: Uniwersytet Gdański, Wydział Ekonomiczny, Instytut Transportu i Handlu Morskiego, ul. Armii Krajowej 119/121, 81-824 Sopot (one copy on CD/DVD). Articles should match the template attached to this call for papers and any figures (drawings) appearing in them should be black and white. The article must be accompanied by source files for the figures and tables.

Review procedure
All articles are subject to review by two independent reviewers (external to the research centre with which the Author of the article is affiliated), following the so-called double-blind review standard (reviewers and Authors do not know each other’s identity). An article is accepted for publication if it receives two positive reviews.

The reviewers evaluate publications according to the criteria specified in the review form, focusing on the following areas:

  • relevance to the journal’s profile
  • originality
  • research methods used
  • clarity of argument
  • thorough approach
  • correct language and compliance with formal requirements, i.e. format of bibliographical references, key words, abstract in English, length of the text (max. 20 pages).

Where reviewers differ as to the merits of a publication, a third reviewer is called upon (in compliance with the standards of review) by the Editorial Board to express a final opinion.

Scholarly articles in “Studia i Materiały Instytutu Transportu i Handlu Morskiego” [“Studies and Papers of the Institute of Maritime Transport and Seaborne Trade”] are reviewed in writing, resulting in their acceptance, rejection or request for corrections.

After receiving the text of the review (with a request for corrections), the Author should send the corrected text back to the Editorial Board within 14 days. The Editorial Board reserves the right to cut or re-cast the texts accepted for publication.

Articles accepted for publication will appear in the current issue of the journal, while their summaries (in Polish and English) will be placed on our website.

By submitting an article containing figures and/or tables, the Author declares that the work has never been published before or submitted to another journal. Also, the Author declares that he/she transfers to the Publisher free of charge all rights to publish and distribute the submitted materials (where such materials have been accepted for publication).

Co-authors of an article are requested to state the extent of their input in the creation of an article (affiliation with a research centre, authorship of concept, method and specific parts of the text, etc.) in the form of a declaration. This procedure serves to prevent dishonest practices. Any case of ghost-writing or guest authorship will be exposed and documented by the Editorial Board.

At the end of the text, the Authors should disclose the sources of financial support used in conducting research / preparing the publication, i.e. “publication financed with BW (independent research) funds, research project funds (number and institution), or scholarship funds (name).

Template form
Review form